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They explain less. They disregard more. The
Dictators have to go on talking and talking,, not
always truthfully but they have to talk. A dumb
Dictator is inconceivable.
In such times of extensive stress and crisis as
the present, the baffling slowness, inefficiency and
wastefulness of the party system become so
manifest that some of its worst pretences are put
aside. The party game is suspended. His
Majesty's Opposition abandons the pose of
safeguarding the interests of the common citizens
from those scoundrels upon the government
benches ; Republicans and Democrats begin to
cross the party line to discuss the new situation.
Even the men who live professionally by the
Parliamentary (Congressional) imposture, aban-
don it if they are sufficiently frightened by the
posture of affairs. The appearance of an All-
Party National Government in Great Britain
before very long seems inevitable.
Great Britain has in effect gone socialist in a
couple of months ; she is also suspending party
politics. Just as the United States did in the
great slump. And in both cases this has happened
because the rottenness and inefficiency of party
politics stank to heaven in the face of danger.
And since in both cases Party Government threw
up its hands and bolted, is there any conceivable